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Message from Mr. Sundar Kataria, Managing Director

We are committed to work in partnership with the organisation on upgrading Quality of their products & services in order to achieve our common goal towards "Excellence in Quality" & "Continual Improvement".

DCS offers you a wide spectrum of Certification,Iinspections & Verification services.

We not only cater to manufacturing industries but also extend our services to service industry such as Financial Institutions,Educational Institutions, Hospitality Industry,Health Care Sector etc.

We have established our organization keeping in view the global competition, by providing number of stations, sites closer to our valued customers, as such making our services more effective & cost economic.

Our personnel are well qualified & highly experienced in various area of manufacturing and service industries. In today's world, an organization cannot survive unless they are customer focused, cost competitive & quality conscious.

We help you in exploring your strengths and overcoming weaknesses by understanding, implementation, verification and certification of your management system by adapting to modern management practices, sound engineers practices,good manufacturing practices and latest technology.

We do keep our valued customers abreast with the latest developments in management and quality assurance system.

You may call your friends at DCS who are always ready to extend their full support and co-operation in achieving your goal towards improvement of quality of your products and services.

Sundar Kataria
Managing Director
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